The 2021 Christmas Offering will be received during the regular Sunday services on December 19 and 26, 2021.

2022 Ministry Initiatives

General Offering:

Our weekly need at Westbrook is $20,500. These offerings provide for our facility, staff, ministry obligations and regular monthly mission support. Our weekly need over these two weeks is $41,000.

Mosaic Vision Church Planting:

Unless you are very new to the Westbrook community then you know that we have been working toward the fulfillment of a long term vision to plant Mosaic Congregations in every country and among every people that is represented at Westbrook. To date, there are 32 nations represented in our church. Not only have we started Multi-Ethnic Mosaic congregations locally (think Gente Unida Westbrook and Joliet), but we also have a campus ministry presence in Germany as well as new congregations in, Panama and the Dominican Republic. On the short list for 2022 (to be, Lord willing, funded by our 2021 Christmas offerings) are churches possibly in Mexico, Ghana, Columbia, and Puerto Rico. For sure, we will go where the Lord opens doors of opportunities, but these countries are on our radar. Keep your ears and eyes attuned to incredible updates on the Lord’s work!

Community Outreach Initiative:

While Covid 19 issues prevented a great deal of local community outreach efforts, we are praying that 2022 while provide opportunities for new and impacting occasions to reach our local community with the hope of Christ. Currently discussions are taking place to determine the greatest ways to reach our community. Christmas funds from this years’ offering will go to this effort.

Global Connection:

The 2020 Covid “stay at home” directive necessitated quick and creative construction of our online presence and ability to provide our weekend services directly to our your living room. While we have been so blessed with our team and this entire process, some technology upgrades are required to allow us to continue impacting our community in this way.

Debt Reduction:

Like so many, regular care of our debt load is a constant strain for us at Westbrook. Any gifts above our stated goal will go directly to pay down our current indebtedness. Westbrook looks with anticipation to the day when we will be debt free, which will free up monies to do significant and meaningful ministry to our community and our world.

2021 Update

Community Covid Relief:

As 2021 comes to a close, our world is closing in on two years of dealing with the Covid 19 pandemic. Without reserve, this pandemic has affected EVERYONE. Some however, in our congregation and our community have been financially affected more than others. Christmas Offerings funds were shared this year to offset those needs.

Middle East Church Planting:

Fulfilling our Christ Commission to reach the world for Jesus, a portion of our Christmas offerings gifts were sent to a ministry called Christian Arabic Services to meet specific needs and plant churches in several middle Eastern countries of which are represented at Westbrook. What a blessing to see life-change in the region of the world.

Community Impact – Irene King Elementary:

Every year, Westbrook partners with Irene King Elementary School in the Valley View District to care for families and students. Specific Community Impact events are our annual Back to School drive and the Christmastime Gift Mart. In addition in 2021, a portion of our 2020 Christmas offering was used to bless the students of Irene King School allowing them to attend a school wide field trip which otherwise they may not have been able to afford.

Mercy Hospital, Kerela, India Covid Relief:

Mercy Hospital, a necessary and vibrant 200 bed rural hospital in Trivandrum, Kerala, India was transitioned this past year to a Covid only hospital. Christmas funds were sent to provide food and medicines to combat this vicious pandemic.

GO Ministries – Tamboril Church Plant:

Following a Covid induced pause for the start of Central Church in Tamboril, this brand new congregation was able to officially begin this year. Additional offerings were sent to provide for a ministry outreach project.