Mont Mitchell - September 22, 2019

Friend of the Sinful

The pharisee’s thoughts show us how he thinks about certain people. He has branded people with specific sins as sinners while viewing himself as righteous. The pharisee doesn’t want to be around sinners and he assumes that Jesus is the same way. Jesus knows this woman and what she’s done. He also knows what the pharisee has done that would make him a sinner, but he is blinded by his pride. Jesus’ short parable reveals that this woman’s act of love shows she understands her sin and need for forgiveness better than the pharisee. Jesus isn’t afraid of her sin, instead he welcomes her into his presence and offers her forgiveness. Jesus knows the truth that we are all sinners. It doesn’t matter what you have done, Jesus will welcome you as a friend and the church is called to do the same.

From Series: "Friend Request"

Have you ever received a friend request from someone unexpected? Maybe there’s a famous person who has friended you online. Perhaps the unanticipated friendship came from someone you thought didn’t notice you. Whatever the case is, we’ve have friends that we didn’t imagine we would have. What if you received a friend request from Jesus? How would your life change if he were your friend? That’s what happened to several people in the Gospels. They found themselves in an encounter with Jesus where he friended them and changed their lives. In this next 8 week series on the Gospel of Luke, we’ll take a closer look at the compassion of Jesus and come to know Him as our own personal friend. Not only will we see that God accepts and loves all people, we need to learn to do the same. No matter who we are, where we’ve been or what we’ve done, Jesus loves us all the same. As the church, it’s our job to introduce everyone to our friend, Jesus.

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