Mont Mitchell - June 19, 2022

Intersect: God Builds A Nation

From Series: "Intersect"

The Bible is the most revered, respected and celebrated book of all time. Since the first published book (a Bible, of course!) rolled off the Gutenberg press over five hundred years ago, it has been a perpetual bestseller, far surpassing sales of any other volume in human history. For Christians, however, the Bible is not just a bestseller; it is “God’s Word” – a divine message to us in human language. Some parts of the Bible are easy to understand yet many are not. With its lengthy genealogies, Levitical laws, and apocalyptic visions, even for sincere readers reading with understanding can be a monumental task. Join us this summer for a brief whole bible survey all in a quest to help us understand the big picture of God’s Word!

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